XThe central automatic lubrication system steps in by making the first lubrication as of the starting of the machine to work. And it provides you to make use of the machines at maximum by sending lubricant to the requested places in the requested amounts at the time intervals you have determined.

As a result of the value imputed to the protective maintenance engineering, the Central Lubrication Systems play an important role in a very wide application field. The automatic central lubrication systems are used to dispatch lubricant to everywhere on which the friction is a problem for the machine and equipments from a central source.

Our products make lubrication in exactly correct amount which is the need of your equipments and machines and ensure the non-occurrence of wastage and non-pollution of the environment. Our quality is registered...Our service quality after production and sales has been registered with  ISO 9001 quality management system certificate.

At whatsoever branch and wherever on the world, the central lubrication system is the indispensable requirement of the industry. DELIMON® has been developing and producing central lubrication systems for 125 years. The distance that DELIMON® has covered in development is as apparent as the development in the Iron Steel industry. Because this is not a coincidence, DELIMON® having a very old background has always kept pace with the technical innovations. DELIMON® is always with you in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and overseas with its local branches, distributors and business partners and experienced service personnel speaking in your language.