As SAVAN SUN, with our  long-lasting experience, we are always ready for giving service to you, our valuable customers, with our personnel experienced in issues such as design, project, technical service, spare part production and procurement of central lubrication systems, industrial hydraulic, mobile hydraulic, pneumatic, electric-electronic, filter, automation systems in industry sectors such as cement, mining, Iron-Steel, Automotive, white goods, Food, Energy, Plastic, Packaging, Chemistry, Construction, construction equipments and with the well-established institutions we are working with.

Our company is the authorized Turkey distributor of the firm of DELİMON in the central lubrication systems and of the firm of MAHLE in the industrial filter systems.

Also, it keeps the spare parts of many firms such as Atos, Bosch, Denison, Eaton, Parker, Rexroth, Vickers in stock or can procure them to you with the appropriate prices as soon as possible. 

Our company giving technical service and spare part service to many firms within Turkey’s first 500 firms is also ready for giving these services to you.