SAVAN SUN (SAVANSUN) FIRM; was established in the year of 2007 in Germany's Hamburg city. Our firm’s general director Söltan Savan sun continuing his life in Germany has worked in hydraulic field for 30 years after finishing his education life in Germany and after having comprehensive knowledge of this sector from A to Z, he has decided to establish savan sun (savan sun). Our firm which opened an agency in iran in the year of 2007 gives services to the leading capital groups of the industry sector. 

Savan Sun(Savan Sun); has achieved to keep updated its continuity in the service to the customers, sectoral engineering, service and workmanship in the field and earned reputation in the eyes of producer firms in many fields such as cement, iron and steel, automotive, white goods, glass, food, textile etc. with its experience and sui generis strategy. SAVAN SUN  respects its competitors and accepts the competition as basic principle in due course. It gives value to the information sharing with the international firms, Project development and inspection and researches in the industry sector and supports the common studies.  We should not forget that every day is a new day. Being Dynamic, instant, updated and most importantly, continuity in the service, which are values being our principles, also express the picture of our era.


  • Automotive
  • Iron and steel
  • Refineries
  • Pipe Production Industry
  • Cast Industry
  • Textile Machines
  • Ship construction
  • Airplane Industry
  • Tire Production
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemistry Industry
  • Cement Industry 


Hydraulic /Pneumatic: REXROTH, PARKER, ASCO, PNEUMAX, Atlas-Automation, Atos, Bosch, Bürkert, Denison, EMWA, Festo, Hawe, Norgren-Herion, Hydac, Knorr, Kracht, Mecman, Nımatics, Schrupp,SMC, Vickers, VOAC, Wabco, ROSS, Enerpac, Europress, Camozzi, Airtec, MOOG, BUCHER.

Central Lubrication Systems: Lincoln, Delimon, Dropsa, Daikin, Willy, Vogel, Meyer, Voerner.

Transmitter: Baily Fischer- Porter, Chessell, Eckardt, Elsag Bailey, Enderess - Hausser, Fisher, Hartmann & Braun, Müller & Weigert, Philips, WEGA - Veriflo - Wigel - Yokogawa, Allborg, WIKI, IPAQL;

Fitting: Ermeto, Bell, Voss, Legris 

Filter: Mahle, Hydac, Pall, Filitrec, Mp Filitri, Parker, Internormen, ARGO, EPE, Fairy Arlon

Electric &Electronic: ABB Automation, AEG,